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Flood Demolition In Bourbonnais

1/12/2020 (Permalink)

flooding caused damage in home We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Assessing Contamination for Flood Demolition in Bourbonnais

Many homeowners believe that when their Bourbonnais residence becomes affected by any manner of flooding that there is no other solution but tear-out and reconstruction. Truthfully, there are many times where reconstruction and controlled demolition are inevitable, but they are not a guarantee for any damaged home after a storm event. Our SERVPRO crew can help with an accurate and thorough assessment of your property to determine potential contaminants and excessive damage.

Categories get used to determine the potential contaminant levels that exist after flooding, which coincidentally can indicate a need for flood damage demolition in Bourbonnais homes. In instances where floodwater could have encountered chemicals, sewage, bacteria, and other substances, it is often best to consider the situation hazardous. Contaminants require a specific approach to overcome and continue to pose a risk to those directly exposed until resolved.

For contaminated surfaces and materials, the most frugal and efficient path to clearing out these threats is to remove the material altogether when possible. For elements like drywall, it is possible to remove only the portions of the wall or ceiling that have been affected by the spreading water so far and allow the rest to remain if no threat for further water migration exists. We have a crew of licensed general contractors that can begin this controlled demolition as soon as possible to limit additional exposure and to aid in drying out lightly damaged areas like structural cavities.

In some circumstances, wood framing and other similar structural elements can remain installed with the right treatment from our powerful line of antibacterial agents and biocides. Eliminating both bacteria and mold spores can prevent secondary damages and harmful effects to those directly exposed. This step can occur while our SERVPRO team works to dry out the moisture in the house after the controlled demolition.

No two flooding circumstances are alike, but our SERVPRO of Kankakee County professionals have the right expertise to address both the restoration and reconstruction needs of the house. Avoiding contaminants might not always be possible, but our technicians can help to make these losses “Like it never even happened,” by calling (815) 935-0077.

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Fire Damage In Your Bourbonnais Home

12/29/2019 (Permalink)

smoke damaged home Intervening early in soots and smoke residues can increase the likelihood of salvaging your possessions.

Protecting Your Upholstery and Carpets from Falling Soots after Fire Damage to your Bourbonnais Home

Hot air rises. As hot air rises, it pushes cooler air beneath, creating pressure. Understanding this process can help you to understand the types of harm your home may sustain during a fire, and how you can avoid excess damage. Property fires can come from just about anywhere. Leaving a hob on or a portable heater too close to dry fabrics and material can set alight, forcing you to evacuate in the middle of the night while the fire department deals with the resulting blaze.

The success of restoring fire damage in your Bourbonnais home depends on the extent of your knowledge of fire, smoke, and ash. Once a fire official declares your home is safe for entry, the first thing you may notice is the extent of soiling. The pressure created by rapidly rising temperatures causes smoke to spread out from the source of the fire exponentially. This pressure is why even a contained fire may present a homeowner with a myriad of soiling on ceilings, furniture, walls, inside cabinets, and your building's exterior.

When temperatures cool, loose soiling may drop from the ceiling onto your floor or furnishings. At SERVPRO, we always recommend that homeowners protect furnishings in the affected area as quickly as possible. You can use old sheets or tarpaulin to place over surfaces and upholstery as a simple solution that could mitigate losses significantly. Unfortunately, while soots remain in the property, the affected rooms are unusable.

The quickest way to regain access to living rooms or kitchens is by using a professional fire restorer like SERVPRO. Our team can scope the property, assess the damages, and put in place a gameplan to recover your contents. Carpets and upholstery that show signs of smoke damage are frequently restorable to a good condition. SERVPRO deposit carpet conditioners using truck-mounted wands in combination with rotary machines for upholstery and carpets. These can remove soiling while cleaning the carpet at the same time.

Intervening early in soots and smoke residues can increase the likelihood of salvaging your possessions. You can contact SERVPRO of Kankakee County by dialing (815) 935-0077.

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Why SERVPRO Is the Solution to Winter-Damaged Structures in Bourbonnais

12/16/2019 (Permalink)

inside roof crawlspace, insulation Roof Damage from the Winter Blues in Bourbonnais? Call SERVPRO for Comprehensive Cleanup and Reconstruction

How Can Heavy Snowfall Compromise Bourbonnais Roofs

With winter well underway, Bourbonnais homes can soon encounter multiple instances of substantial snowfall. With lake effect precipitation that can sometimes bring over a foot of snow, the remains of these situations can have destructive effects on older homes. With the degradation of structural elements over time, roof supports, joists, and underlayment can weaken. Heavy snowfall can cause enormous pressure on these weakened areas, which can lead to a collapse.

Snow that contains more water can be ideal for making snowmen in the front yard but can be catastrophic as roofing snow on Bourbonnais homes. Drier snow is a powdery consistency that is much lighter and easier on the roof supports. A thicker, wet snow is heftier because surface temperatures are just above freezing, which can allow for slight melting and permitting the snow to come down in heavier flakes. After more than a foot of this wet snow has fallen, you should consider the effect it can have on the roof of your home.

Most homeowners do not recognize a threat or problem with the roof of their house until the situation has gotten out of control. In most cases, homeowners cannot understand that a problem exists until a breach occurs in the form of moisture penetration or the collapse of a portion of the roof. At this point, many seek the experience and expertise of our SERVPRO professionals. Between our division of qualified water restorers and our in-house licensed general contractors, we can offer a comprehensive restoration and recovery of the property, including any water or mold damage that might exist in the moist attic.

Temporarily, our SERVPRO contractors can utilize roofing tarps to prevent further moisture and water penetration through vulnerabilities in the roof. Once mitigation and drying efforts complete in the attic, our licensed contractors can get to work on permanent build back and repair of the damaged portions of the roof, and any other structural damages that exist from the water exposure.  

Regular inspections of your attic space, when possible, can help to gauge potential problems that are starting before they get to a destructive point. Our SERVPRO of Kankakee County team can help however you need by calling (815) 935-0077.

First Responders Bowl Contest

12/13/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO First Responders Bowl SERVPRO of Kankakee County is proud to support our local first responders

SERVPRO of Kankakee County is a proud supporter of our local first responders. Firefighters, police, EMTs and radio dispatchers sacrifice plenty to serve their communities. We are having a contest where local citizens can nominate a local hero before kick off of the SERVPRO First Responders Bowl. At half time, a random winner will be chosen from the nominees and they'll win a tail gate party for their office or station. No purchase is necessary.

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Bourbonnais Roof Damage from a Severe Storm? Try Calling SERVPRO for Water Removal and Roof Repair!

12/3/2019 (Permalink)

roofers repairing a storm damaged house Count on Team SERVPRO of Kankakee County for Storm Damage Mitigation and Roof Repairs

Repairs After Severe Windstorms Damage Bourbonnais Roofs

If you can recognize that a recent windstorm has damaged the roof of your Bourbonnais home, it is crucial to get this problem fixed immediately. Not only is it likely that vulnerabilities can lead to moisture exposure in the attic or ceiling spaces of your upper floor, but these compromised areas can get worse over time if unrepaired. While you might look to our SERVPRO team for experience with overcoming the water damage that can often result, we also have a full team of licensed general contractors to aid in the repair to your structure as well.

Shingles are not the only area of a roofing structure that can become damaged after weather events, and windstorm roof repair for Bourbonnais homes can reduce the likelihood of more expensive water damage and mold remediation when moisture exposure goes unnoticed. While we can benefit from the information provided by our customers after a preliminary inspection, we also can provide this thorough assessment on our own for residents that are unsure of what to look for or unable to complete the task physically.

One of the most challenging obstacles for homeowners to face after windstorms that compromise their roof is dealing with the insurance companies. These providers can foot the majority of the cost to repair your roof, but not without legwork on your end. Because we have an established relationship as a preferred vendor for many of these companies, we know that your insurance company needs to approve a damage claim and get work started quickly.

We are a restoration team that can offer comprehensive services ranging from thorough inspections and mitigation techniques to full-scale roof construction, tree removal, debris cleanup, and structural repair. We know what damages can exist after weather events, from missing shingles to ruined underlayment – and we can repair it. As a one-stop company, we can seamlessly complete the build back of your home.

As stressful as structural damage can be after a weather event, our SERVPRO of Kankakee County team can help with a prompt response. Windstorms can cripple a roof and its supports, so taking care of the problem quickly is vital. We have a qualified team of experts available 24/7 when you call (815) 935-0077.

Did Recent Storms Damage Your Bourbonnais Roof?

11/27/2019 (Permalink)

Damaged roof shingles Storms and wind can damage roofs. Did you know SERVPRO provides emergency roof tarping services?

Why Efficient Roof Repair is Vital for Bourbonnais Homes  

Many restoration teams that you might have worked with in the past did not have the capability of helping on each side of recovery like our SERVPRO team can for Bourbonnais homes and businesses. With an ability to do more than address water loss, flooding, and fires, our team can help to provide customers with long-term solutions for reducing moisture penetration and the destructive effects that can often result.  

Structural damage can often have a substantial role in the continued threat to your home from water and flood effects, so roofing repair for Bourbonnais homes is a vital step to take. You could expect wind damage to come off the great lakes and surrounding the city, shingles can get removed, seals can become broken, and trees can fall over to damage these crucial elements.  

Considering that many of these damages occur during severe weather events like heavy snowfall, torrential rains, or other destructive conditions, roof vulnerabilities can have an immediate effect on the interior of your home. Holes and collapsed portions can welcome water runoff and direct exposure until the situation gets temporarily under control. Our emergency services through our licensed in-house general contractors ensure that we can tarp and board up exposed areas of the property beginning as soon as our SERVPRO team arrives at the address.  

Temporary solutions are only part of the equation, however. We are a team of professionals capable of doing more than placing a bandage on the many problems that exist after structural breaches. Our mitigation team can begin drying out the damaged areas inside the house while our experienced professionals in various niches of the building trades can get to work on rebuilding the missing portions of the roof when the storm system has passed. The seamless transition between these actions can save you time and money on the restoration work your property needs.  

Not all of the restoration teams that you know or have worked with have the personnel to handle both loss effects and the structural woes that result as well. Let our SERVPRO of Kankakee County team show you how we can make it “Like it never even happened” by calling (815) 935-0077. 

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SERVPRO Can Repair and Replace Hardwood Flooring in Bourbonnais Properties

11/11/2019 (Permalink)

tongue and groove planks ready for installation on a floor SERVPRO Provides Water Loss Cleanup, Restoration, and Repairs to Retail Shops, Bars, Big Box Stores--Even Hardwood Flooring!

Water Damage to a Wooden Dancefloor in a Bourbonnais Bar

Real water loss incidents can strike in the areas of your Bourbonnais bar where it can do the most damage. While the broken plumbing fixture to the wash sink behind the bar spread water across the main bar floor, the tile construction made it easy to sop up and dry out. The time spent on the wooden dance floor in that time can cause more substantial concerns for the structural integrity of this flooring material.

While the quaint size and feel of your bar have been a draw to your loyal patrons over the years, it is also a catalyst to damaged flooring in your Bourbonnais bar after water seepage. As much as you can often contend with the messes on your own, standing water and migrating moisture can create a compromising condition that both weakens flooring materials on your dancefloor and meets the requirements for mold colonization and other fungal threats.
Bound moisture is the concern with porous, aging wood planks used initially in the construction of the bar. While the only wood left to absorb standing water exists in the fixtures like the bar itself, tables, and the dancefloor, prolonged exposure of the flooring can allow for moisture to get trapped in the material. This moisture inevitably bonds with the cells of the wood on a molecular level and warps its appearance and weakens its resilience.
Our SERVPRO team can not only help to dry out lingering moisture throughout other areas of the bar, but our team of licensed general contractors can remove the wooden planks of this dance area down to the concrete pad underneath. Once this pad is sufficiently dried, our contracting team can replace the flooring with a durable oak, tongue and groove plank material. To provide a final professional touch, a polymer finish can get applied to reduce scuffing damages for new feet to hit the dance floor once the work gets done.
Water loss incidents do not have to close you down for good or have you searching all over the region for subcontractors. Our SERVPRO of Kankakee County team can help you through nearly every phase of reconstruction and restoration after water losses. Give us a call today at (815) 935-0077.

Experts Talk About Restoring Water Damaged Floors in Bourbonnais

11/6/2019 (Permalink)

water damaged hardwood Water damages flooring materials fast! Did you know that SERVPRO has the equipment and knowledge to restore your floors?

Options for Restoring Bourbonnais Home Flooring After a Disaster 

Water and fire losses all can take a destructive toll on the flooring of your Bourbonnais home. With our skilled professionals working around the clock in many areas of your property to conquer other immediate threats and effects, you might wonder what becomes of your marred flooring. Depending on the severity of the damages and the type of disaster that takes place, there are many options for addressing compromised carpets, hardwood, and tile.  

Depending on the type of flooring in water damaged Bourbonnais homes, we have multiple solutions for both restoring and cleaning on-site as well as a team of dedicated and licensed general contractors that can reinstall hardwood, carpeting, tile, and linoleum materials after controlled demolition. Making the right choice for your property involves a thorough and comprehensive inspection of these materials and a determination of their structural integrity, appearance, and overall condition. With this data, our crew chief and production manager can decide whether to remove the material altogether or to attempt to restore it.  

After a fire or water loss incident, soot and moisture can penetrate most flooring materials, including hardwood and carpeting. In many cases, when the concentration of these damages is not too considerable, drying and deodorization can occur. Cleaning is always a sound approach, and we have deep cleaning equipment for carpets, including hot water extraction. Hardwood materials can benefit from our revitalizing oil-based cleaner for these flooring types.  

Deodorization is vital for recovering these materials installed in your house, as well. Infiltration of odors, especially following a fire, can become embedded in construction materials, contents of the room, and clothing. Thermal and UV fogging is the preferred method for effective and comprehensive odor removal. In some situations, odors can also get noticeably reduced after controlled demolition of the most compromised portions of flooring, drywall, and other surfaces.  

After a disaster, you have to put considerable trust in a restoration team designated to recover your losses. No matter how severe your emergency is, trust in the experience and the industry-leading equipment available to our SERVPRO of Kankakee County team. We can help – give us a call today at (815) 935-0077. 

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Contact Us When You Need Prompt Water Removal In Kankakee

10/23/2019 (Permalink)

Three water drying equipment pieces set up on the carpet of a room in a house drying water damage We have the equipment, training, and experience to restore your home to pre-damage condition after water damage enters your home.

Prompt Water Removal in Your Kankakee Home Can Save Your Carpeting

Have you experienced a water leak that has saturated your carpets? If so, you need to act fast to dry it up quickly. If you leave the water to dry out naturally, mold can grow on your carpeting. The carpet fibers can also get ruined.

Water damage does not spell the end of a carpet’s life. If you perform water removal in your Kankakee residence quickly, you can save the carpets. Before you dry your carpeting, you need to consider several factors, including:

The age of the carpet

If the carpeting is old or has sustained damage in the past, saving it can be difficult. Over time, the backing can deteriorate or pull away from the carpet.

Extent of destruction

You can dry your carpet if there are one or two inches of water. However, when more water is involved, or it has sat for an extended period, drying the carpeting is more complicated.

Source of water

The kind of water involved determines how easy or hard it is to restore the ruined carpet. In most cases of clean water damage, it is possible to restore both padding and carpet through appropriate sanitation, remediation, and cleaning techniques. Salvaging a carpet after gray water saturation is possible, but do so quickly before gray water turns into black water.

Depending on the type of water on your carpeting, you may not feel safe handling the situation on your own. You can hire restoration experts from SERVPRO to remove the water. One of the main concerns in water damage incidents is the delamination of carpets. Delamination is the separation of primary and secondary backings. Even a new carpet can delaminate. Our technicians can check your carpeting to determine if delamination has occurred. If that is the case, you have to replace the carpet.

If delamination has not occurred, we can use wet/dry vacuums to remove as much water as possible from the carpet. Our restorers can then dry your carpet to remove the remaining moisture from the carpet fibers so they can return to their natural texture and appearance. When the carpet fibers are dry, they cannot attract and hold additional soils and microorganisms cannot grow on them. Drying requires low humidity, heat, and air movement. We can use air movers to enhance air circulation and dehumidifiers to control humidity in your home. Before you clean your carpets, you need to be sure they are thoroughly dry. Our SERVPRO team can use moisture meters to confirm that they are dry.

After a water leak, SERVPRO of Kankakee County can restore your carpeting by removing the water without damaging or altering the appearance of the fabric. Contact us today at (815) 935-0077 for effective restoration.

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Need Carpet and Flooring Installation Services in Bourbonnais? Call SERVPRO!

10/22/2019 (Permalink)

Person dressed as SERVPRO super-hero in front of SERVPRO truck We are not only for disaster restoration. We also install carpeting and flooring. Yeah, we do it all!

Professional Floor and Carpet Installation For Bourbonnais Homes

Bourbonnais is a beautiful community along I-57. Thanks to the growing local economy, many residents are not only buying a home as an investment, but many of them are also taking steps to make it their “forever” home as well.

At SERVPRO, we are proud to help make that happen. Over the last few years, we noticed that our employees in Bourbonnais were replacing flooring and carpeting in their own homes and bragging about the results. Their skills in restoring homes after a disaster quickly adapted to making those and other home improvements.

Thanks to that realization, we are happy to offer more than just disaster-support services. Our technicians and work crews can now walk into a dry, mold-free home, and help the owner improve the appearance without any of the messy cleanup or demolition. We even have staff members trained to help owners choose the right style and color of carpets and flooring to match any existing paint and décor already in the home.

With more than 20 years of experience in helping the community, our SERVPRO office has an excellent relationship with carpeting and flooring suppliers locally and nationwide. If a specific color and style exist, we can have it delivered for our neighbors in just a few days and begin installation faster than almost anyone else around.

Removing the old carpets and floors usually takes only a day or two. After completing removal and disposal, crew members carefully clean the floors for a smoother installation. Depending on the size of the home, crew members can usually install most carpets quickly, often in just a day or two. When it comes to wood or laminate flooring, our experienced technicians can install it throughout the home quickly, with the same beautiful result that you might receive from a specialized, professional installation service.

As you can see, SERVPRO of Kankakee County is not just for disasters anymore. We are proud to help our neighbors here, and in Bradley, Manteno, and Momence turn their residences into homes that can house multiple generations for many years to come. To schedule a visit and receive a free estimate of services, call our office at (815) 935-0077 today.

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