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How SERVPRO Determines the Best Restoration Methods for Fire Damaged Property in Bourbonnais

10/6/2019 (Permalink)

Firemen on ladder extinguishing a 2nd story fire As soon as the fire department leaves, SERVPRO is ready to begin restoring your home.

Cleaning Smoke Residue in Bourbonnais Properties 

Smoke residues present a unique hazard that can be challenging to clean, making it a situation many Bourbonnais homeowners leave up to the experience and skillset of our professionals. From the risks present in the spread of these residues from surface to surface throughout a fire-damaged address to the staining that could result from improper removal, fire loss effects can permanently mar your property without the right approach. 

While smoke residues might only be one of many effects of fire damage in Bourbonnais homes, quickly addressing the situation prevents excessive migration of this and other symptoms. Smoke particulates can agitate respiratory concerns as well as cause other potential health effects. Though not as directly dangerous and hazardous as soot particles, smoke in the air can still cause concerns for those exposed and for all affected surfaces in rooms beyond the origin of the fire. 

We have many products that can work to remove various carcinogens and residues from surfaces, and we must carefully determine the type of damage our SERVPRO team is contending with before proceeding. Chemical sponges used both wet and dry can offer a powerful and potent cleaning potential while limiting possible smearing and staining as a result. This approach is ideal for contents and surfaces that remain installed and in place in your house as restoration and recovery continue. 

Content management is also an approach with proven results against soot and smoke residues that get attached to surfaces of items and your personal belongings. We have multiple approaches at our SERVPRO facility when pack-outs occur, such as restoring silverware, ceramics, and hard materials with our submersion ultrasonic tank. These units utilize the energy generated by exploding microscopic bubbles created by soundwaves to loosen and remove soot and smoke residues.

We have several approaches ideal for removing smoke residue from construction materials and the contents of your property. You can count on the fast response of our SERVPRO of Kankakee County team to assist you through each phase of this fire recovery. Call us today at (815) 935-0077. 

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Vital Roles Played by Water Removal Professionals in Bourbonnais

9/30/2019 (Permalink)

Man with his fists to his face with the words Don't fear we have you cleared next to his head. Bourbonnais homeowners don’t live in fear, we will take care of your water damage fears.

SERVPRO professionals with take care of all your worries when it comes to your water damage in Bourbonnais.

Small water spills happen every day, and you probably take care of when with a mop and towels then leave the remaining wetness to dry on its own. If you have never dealt with a significant water spill, you might expect the process to be similar, only on a bigger scale. However, in practice, you might face several obstacles when you try to handle water removal on your own. Professionals like SERVPRO play different roles during the removal that ease the process.

Bringing the Right Tools

Spilled water can present a myriad of challenges. By having access to a broader range of tools for water removal professionals in Bourbonnais can deal with any challenge that might arise. Challenges might include the presence of large sediments in the pools that need an extraction, thus limiting the efficiency of conventional extraction tools. Water filtering into concealed areas can also hamper the removal process. Alternatively, the lack of power to operate the removal equipment can also be a principal hindrance. Our SERVPRO teams bring a wide range of equipment to address different challenges, including:

  • Self-priming Trash Pumps
  • Cavity Drying Equipment
  • Portable generators
  • Portable Heaters

Understanding Psychometrics

Water removal happens in stages, with the first one dealing with surface water while the other stages deal with the water soaked into materials. Proper understanding of psychometrics is crucial when handling this latter stage to ensure proper manipulation of factors such as humidity, temperature, and air movements, which influence drying. Our SERVPRO technicians use equipment such as thermo-hygrometers to take humidity and temperature readings, thus establishing which factor might slow the drying process.

Preventing Microbial Growth

Microbes such as mold thrive in moist environments. Proper handling of the water removal process should help prevent their development, thus saving you from the laborious removal process. Our SERVPRO technicians spray EPA registered disinfectants and use cleaning agents with anti-microbial properties when cleaning the loss site. We also work fast to finish removal before mold starts growing.

Professional assistance is worthy during water removal. Call SERVPRO of Kankakee County at (815) 935-0077 to help deal with the incident, "Like it never even happened."

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Bourbonnais Customers Depend Upon SERVPRO for Cleanup and Restoration and Even Kitchen Remodels

9/24/2019 (Permalink)

A Hand Pages from a Design to a Finished Remodeled Kitchen From Concept to Design to Completion--SERVPRO Restores and Remodels Kitchens in Bourbonnais

SERVPRO Professional Kitchen Remodels for Bourbonnais Homes

Our population here in Bourbonnais is pretty stable. Couples come in to raise their families and find themselves still here, decades later, with their grandchildren. While many homes are at risk from floods, fire, and other disasters, other residences need a new kitchen or other updates to match the changes to their owner’s lives.

A Bourbonnais kitchen remodel, regardless of why it happens, involves demolition, painting, installation, and more. SERVPRO, because we are a "full-repairs" company, can perform all of these tasks to upgrade a kitchen and any other room in a home. We do more than simply clean up and restore cosmetically or structurally damaged buildings. We can sit down with our client who has aspirations for a renovated kitchen and start the planning process.

Every remodel begins with some removal. Depending on the level of change needed, that may only be the old cabinets and countertops. To avoid damaging the home, our remodel teams disassemble as much as possible and remove the components for disposal or put it aside for reuse or donations to local charities. Where we have to pull framework from the wall, team members perform the demolition so as few as possible of the drywall panels require replacement.

Here, SERVPRO teams take on multiple tasks. Several members take extensive measurements to make certain all new cabinets properly fit while others hang new drywall panels. After completing the tasks, our crews clean, prep, and then paint the kitchen, so it looks as before the damaging incident. We can upgrade it with a new color that also better resists the effects of cooking and daily wear and tear. If the owner wants to keep the existing cabinets, team members strip and repaint or stain them. Our goal is to meet your expectations for a remodeled kitchen.

Now, our cabinet installers mark the measurements taken earlier and then attach the new framework to hold the cabinets. Once in place, they hang the new or repurposed and repainted cabinets. In addition to new cupboards, our teams can also remove and replace tile and linoleum. Yes, we also do flooring. Where needed, they can install new light fixtures in existing power sources, and even appliances except when the manufacturer requires one of their personnel to prevent voiding the warranty.

No matter if your kitchen has suffered through a disaster or has not aged well over the last few years, call SERVPRO of Kankakee County at (815) 935-0077 today. Our restoration teams can help remodel kitchens here, and in Bradley, Manteno, and Momence, to look better than new.

We Can Handle Any Size Storm Disaster That May Occur In Your Bourbonnais Home

9/21/2019 (Permalink)

A house with flood water in it and floating television and furniture Reach out to SERVPRO of Kankakee County by phoning (815) 935-0077. We are ready to help you.

SERVPRO Can Remediate the Roof of Your Bourbonnais Home After Storm Damage

Sometimes the damage from a storm is relatively inconsequential, and sometimes it can cause critical issues for your home, such as tearing off a portion of your roof. When a storm brings significant issues to your home, you need to contact professional help immediately. Leaving a roof open to the elements is extremely unwise and invites a plethora of problems for your home to arise.

For example, one of the problems that could come about by neglecting the storm damage to your Bourbonnais roof could be the growth of mold damage. Mold spores only need excess moisture to be present for seventy-two hours to begin forming an active colony. Not only does mold compromise organic materials, such as the wooden frame of your home, but it can also cause health effects. For the betterment of your home, it is always wise to get help right away.

The hole in your roof came about by a storm from Lake Michigan. The intense wind of the storm ripped a portion of wood sheathing and shingles off of your rood, leaving a hole behind. When SERVPRO gets to your home, our first task is to cover the hole in your roof with a large blue tarp. From here, our technicians can split in half, to address the damage inside and out.

Half of our crew can go inside to preserve the interior contents and structural materials with standard cleanup and restoration services. Our technicians can use advanced technological devices, such as air movers, dehumidifiers, heaters, and flood drying mats to facilitate a drying process. The other half can remain behind outside and begin to fix your roof. SERVPRO can use 4 x 8 plywood panels to replace the sections that were ripped off your roof. From there, our technicians can reapply the waterproof underlay before re-shingling the area. Once we're finished, we can return your home to you, “Like it never even happened.”

If your home experiences sudden and destructive storm damage, never wait. Reach out to SERVPRO of Kankakee County by phoning (815) 935-0077. We are ready to help you.

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Our Experts Discuss The Equipment Used To Save Your Water Damaged Home In Bourbonnais

9/6/2019 (Permalink)

Water leaking onto tile floor We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Understanding Equipment Helps During Water Damage Restoration In Bourbonnais

Water spills can happen at any time. When your Bourbonnais property is affected, the most crucial step to take is to extract any standing water and dry moisture remnants quickly. With the right equipment, this task can be easy to handle. However, failure to understand how different equipment types work can interfere with the outcome. You can learn how to use the equipment effectively or hire a water damage mitigation company such as SERVPRO.

One category of equipment that plays a crucial role during water damage restoration in affected Bourbonnais properties is lift-equipment. Pumps and water extractors fall under this category. When used properly, they can help remove significant amounts of water from your property within a short period. Among the factors you can consider when choosing the equipment to help you extract water from your property is the lift capacity and CFM, Cubic Feet per Minute, rating. Apart from that, the kind of wand attached to the extractor also matters. You should choose carpet wands for carpeted surfaces, and squeegee wands for wood and other hard surfaces. Our SERVPRO technicians have access to a wide range of equipment and accessories to tackle all situations.

Scoping is part of an effective restoration of water damage. While most of the water might pool on floors and other visible areas, a small percentage can reach subfloors and other hidden cavities. Equipment such as moisture meters, sensors, and thermal cameras help when scoping for moisture. Understanding how each type of equipment works can help improve their efficiency. For example, when using a thermal camera, you should realize it detects temperature and not moisture. However, since moisture alters temperature, the camera identifies wet areas.

Drying helps remove the final moisture remnants in affected areas. Drying relies on evaporation which incidentally removes moisture from materials but leaves it in the air. Condensation can reverse this process. Combining equipment that improves evaporation and those that extracts moisture from the air, such as dehumidifiers, guarantees a good outcome. Our SERVPRO technicians have access to a wide range of extraction equipment that ensures balanced drying, including:

    •    LGR Dehumidifiers
    •    Desiccant Dehumidifiers
    •    Box Fan Extractors
    •    Centrifugal Air Movers

You don’t have to worry about choosing restoration equipment when you hire SERVPRO of Kankakee County. Call us at (815) 935-0077 any time. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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How Water Damage Affects Hardwood Floors in Bourbonnais

8/29/2019 (Permalink)

water damaged hardwood floor Water and hardwood flooring don't mix. When you experience a water loss incident, call SERVPRO to remove the water from your floors!

Strategies to Dry Damaged Bourbonnais Flooring Fast 

One of the most considerable investments that an individual makes in their lifetime is their home. Caring for your Bourbonnais property can sometimes feel easier said than done. Whether you have protected original construction materials like wood flooring to these options getting installed along with some aesthetic and functional upgrades to the home, water loss incidents, and other damaging emergencies can threaten the strength and integrity of these materials. As a premier restoration company in the area, we want to show our potential customers some of the approaches we take to protect their investments like flooring amid a crisis. 

While those with water and moisture resistant flooring homes have had more success avoiding substantial water loss incidents in Bourbonnais from penetrative dampness and saturation, not all homes have these options installed. Natural hardwood has multiple layers of considerations for our SERVPRO team once affected by spreading water damage, beginning with the best approaches for drying out these materials. Also, our technicians must diligently remain aware of how this saturation might affect joists and supports beneath the main floor. 

Our professionals have multiple specialized tools to help with the moisture removal from the planks of your flooring. A standard application for hardwood options is the drying mats. This derivative of our Injecti-Dry System helps to control the draw of humidity and saturation from the flooring materials to control the degree of dryness ultimately achieved. Getting the floors too dry can be as damaging as allowing them to stay saturated. 

Drying is only part of the equation for water damage, however. Residues, dirt, and debris that can accompany spreading water throughout your property can come to rest on the surfaces of wood flooring options. We have a dedicated line of SERVPRO cleaning products that can help not only to remove this dirt and grime but restore a sheen and gleam to your hardwood flooring that you might not have seen in the past. We have cleaning products that also feature wood oil that improves the aesthetic appeal and the longevity of these materials. 

We are a team of professionals with a deep inventory of recovery tools and extensive experience and training in water restoration. No matter how severe loss incidents can be in your home, our SERVPRO of Kankakee County team can help to make it “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call today at (815) 935-0077. 

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SERVPRO of Kankakee County Seeks a Marketing Support Coordinator

8/29/2019 (Permalink)

Man shaking another man's hand.  Employment Advertisement Have you considered a marketing career at SERVPRO of Kankakee County? Call us today!

Are you passionate about being part of the solution when residents and businesses in our community suffer from the effects of natural disasters or other emergencies? 

If so, we need your enthusiasm and skills as our Marketing Support Coordinator. Join our caring and highly-qualified team of professionals, working together to help after water, fire, storms, or other crises result in residential or commercial property damage. SERVPRO strives to help shoulder this burden, committing to deliver superior results no matter the circumstances, transforming disastrous consequences to “Like it never even happened.” 

Homeowners and business leaders in our community, facing the stress and worry of property damage challenges, need reliable and clear information about our industry-leading services. You fulfill this vital role with your top-notch communication skills and genuine desire to reach out to assist customers. A self-starter who enjoys and is experienced in seamlessly managing competing tasks is the perfect match for the rewards of this job. Reliability is a must, and a desire to set and exceed high expectations fits the profile of our ideal candidate. 

SERVPRO offers competitive compensation and many opportunities to expand your knowledge of our business and to meet your professional growth goals.

We Get You Back To Business In Bourbonnais After A Fire Disaster

8/14/2019 (Permalink)

fire damaged washer and dryer Our certified technicians are ready 24/7 to offer their expertise and experience as well as utilize our state of the art equipment after a fire.

Overcoming Smoke Odors in Your Bourbonnais Thrift Store

While you might carry a fair stock of housewares in your Bourbonnais thrift store, the bulk of your secondhand items are clothing. As quickly as you can turn over this apparel, it is also among the most susceptible to the damaging effects of small electrical fire flare-ups. While some of these items might be in the direct path of this spreading blaze, combusting upon exposure, other clothing items outside of this path are more susceptible to effects like smoke odors. 

Instead of considering all exposed apparel as a loss, you should consider what aspects of present fire damage in your Bourbonnais business can get overcome. While you have little investment in the clothing itself, it is the bulk of your profits. Losing the potential money that these items could be worth is not a decision that often must get made. Our SERVPRO professionals have multiple advanced machines capable of addressing harsh lingering odors in your business as we also work to mitigate your loss.

Smoke odors spread quickly throughout an open area and can quickly embed into clothing and other soft materials such as furniture you might have for sale. Small fires do not often require the full shutdown of your building, which makes deodorization equipment like ozone machines unsafe to use. Instead, our professionals can lean towards other capable equipment such as hydroxyl generators and thermal or UV foggers.

Depending on the volume of soft materials that require this focused attention, we can also devote some of the fire damaged items to dry cleaning with our contents department or with a third-party associate. These facilities often implement the use of ozone, which features an added oxygen molecule that can bond with odor compounds and neutralize the entire structure. Once the cleanup of the fire has completed, and the minor cosmetic damages have gotten addressed, we can return removed and newly deodorized clothing items to their original positions in the store.

We strive to provide our customers with real-time solutions that protect their investments and ensure that they can keep their doors open to their customers whenever possible. You can count on the fast response and expertise of our SERVPRO of Kankakee County team to make all fire loss incidents “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call today at (815) 935-0077.

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Odor Control and Soot Cleanup Needed/ SERVPRO Helps Bradley Property Owners

8/6/2019 (Permalink)

Fires Big and Small in Bradley Are Restored by SERVPRO, "Like it never even happened."

Cleaning And Restoring Bradley Homes After Fire Damage

Surrounded by state and federal highways, Bradley is an important stop along the eastern border of our state. Residents work all over the area, but choose here for their home and to raise a family. Despite the benefits of living here, disasters, like a fire, can still happen.

Restoring a fire damaged Bradley home to its original condition takes a professional service, trained to handle physical damage, smoke residues, and odors. Most house fires are relatively small and extinguished quickly. For SERVPRO restoration teams, that means they deal primarily with cleaning and removing smoke residues, and eliminating the odors they generate.

As an example of what specialists clean and deodorize are the cabinets in a kitchen fire. Since these wood or composite surfaces are smooth, team members can usually wipe off the residues with a dry sponge. For thicker, or stickier residues left behind, they break them up with a minimal amount of water or cleaning agent for easier wiping and removal. In some homes, it might be necessary to remove the handles and hinges and clean them separately.  

The problem here for SERVPRO specialists are the odors the wood or composite absorbs before they can remove the residues. If the residues are dry and powdery and removed quickly after extinguishing the fire, then very little odor transfers to the cabinets. Stickier residues take longer to remove, so the cabinets absorb more odor particles.

With either type of residue, if odors linger after removal, team members start with a deodorizing spray. They apply it to the surface, allow it to dry, and repeat as needed. If odors remain after several applications, they can use a stronger deodorizing agent, switch to another method, or dispose of it.

To remove the deeper odors from the cabinets, specialists use a fogger to create a cloud of deodorizing particles. This cloud can penetrate as deeply as the smoke from the fire to neutralize the odor and eliminate it.

Our goal at SERVPRO of Kankakee County is to return every residence to a clean, safe, and odor-free condition it enjoyed before the fire. If your home here, Bourbonnais, Manteno, or in Momence, has had a fire of any size, call our office 24/7 at (815) 935-0077 to schedule a service call. We are here to help you restore everything to normal.

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Our Experts Are Here To Help After A Flood In Your Bourbonnais Home

7/23/2019 (Permalink)

Call (815) 935-0077 to set up a consultation without delay.

Residents Of Bourbonnais Always On Alert For Flood Damage

Life in Bourbonnais near the Kankakee River comes with concerns about flooding. In the early spring, the river itself threatens as ice floes jam, causing localized flooding. Later spring and summer feature fierce winds and heavy rains that train across the former prairie south of Chicago. One weather event after another create vast volumes of water with nowhere to go but inside your home. If you find yourself overwhelmed with storm damage or seepage, we are here to help.

A series of severe storms can create a train-like effect, causing flood damage to your Bourbonnais home and its contents. Your roof, windows, and siding can remain in good condition, impervious to the weather, yet water still enters the lower levels of your home.

Seepage happens because the ground surrounding your house becomes supersaturated even if the river doesn’t rise. The physics involved impels moisture to move from the wet ground through your dry foundation into the basement. When the SERVPRO team arrives to help expect us to inspect your gutters and downspouts first. We check to see if they are operating appropriately, draining many feet away from the perimeter of your house.

We assess the interior flooding, and devise a plan using both submersible pumps and wanded extractors to remove the water. Thermal imaging technology helps us locate any water trapped behind building materials in a finished basement or inside the cells of cinder block construction. To aid the SERVPRO team in accessing the floodwater, our crew might make flood cuts in drywall or paneling. Holes drilled in mortar joints help release water in masonry or the blocks.

Our trained manager categorizes the water for containment and disposal purposes. If a sewer backup complicates the scenario, the water is Category 3 or black water. It can carry human waste with the risk of exposure to blood or fecal-borne pathogens. The water removed must be handled per local hazardous waste rules.

Surfaces need cleaning and disinfection with EPA-registered products and antimicrobials. SERVPRO technicians then determine drying goals and use air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers to meet those marks.

Rely on the professionals from SERVPRO of Kankakee County to help when flooding damages your basement or walk out. Call (815) 935-0077 to set up a consultation without delay.

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