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Lucky Bourbonnais to Have SERVPRO Closeby for Restoration Services

7/12/2019 (Permalink)

Another Bourbonnais Fan After a SERVPRO Restoration Service to Her Damaged Property

Our Highly-Qualified Team Is Why SERVPRO Guides Bourbonnais Residential Restorations to Successful Conclusions  

The compassion our team of restoration professionals brings to residential customers in Bourbonnais provides balance at a difficult and stressful time. A water, fire, mold, or storm disaster makes it impossible for you and your family to function. You are consumed by worry and feelings of inadequacy while trying to decide what tasks are needed and which to tackle first. We shoulder some of your burden with our highly trained and well-equipped managers and technicians.

Water Damage
Perhaps one of the most stressful things you cope with when water damages your Bourbonnais home is the potential loss of treasured photos, saved cards and letters, books, and other papers. Remediation of the structural components damaged seems doable in most circumstances, even if some materials need repair or replacing. Bringing a lifetime of memories back to form and function from the sodden mess our technicians boxed up and transported to our production facility does not feel likely.

We have resources that can remove water from paper without causing additional harm. To utilize this technology, the water-logged materials are frozen. Then lyophilization or as it is more commonly known, freeze drying, removes ice and other frozen liquids from materials using a process called sublimation. Sublimation changes solid ice directly to a vapor, skipping the liquid phase, by using a pressurized chamber and manipulating the temperature. The water exits the chamber in a gaseous state and condenses inside for disposal. Less water damage, when it cannot soak into the documents or photographs.

Desorption completes the remediation in cases where bound molecules remain, releasing them either from or through the surface by changing the equilibrium in the chamber. Our ability to access this advanced technology for our customers is why SERVPRO delivers satisfaction no matter what type of water damage you endure in your home. Imagine your delight and relief when the pictures and papers you thought ruined are returned for your enjoyment. We cannot promise "Like it never even happened," in this case due to the difficulty of restoring. However, we are your best shot.

Fire Damage
When fire damage devastates your Bourbonnais home, you need help on many fronts. Exterior damage receives needed tarping and boarding up to protect from the elements. Our on-site fire mitigation and remediation crews arrive with the workforce, products, and equipment needed to start the turnaround from chaos to calm inside your home. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) training mastered by our Fire and Smoke Restoration Technicians (FSRT) is crucial to mitigating further damage and remediating the harm already done.

We pledge transparency in our communications with you during the project and also collaborate with you as we work with your insurer. Meticulous documentation is needed for you to receive appropriate payment, and we have employees dedicated to ensuring that we have the evidence to back up your claims. Both at your home and our production facility we follow the restoration industry’s best practices to clean up the water and soot damage, disinfect and dry building materials and contents, and eliminate the odors that can linger.

Throughout the process, we treat you and your family with concern and compassion. Your journey back to the familiar comfort and feel of your home from fire damage can be complicated, and this is why SERVPRO takes our role seriously. The stress and worry homeowners feel when emerging from the trauma of a home fire is real, and it is our privilege to use all our resources to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Mold Remediation
Although molds can grow any time of the year and thrive in a wide range of temperatures, you might feel like you see the most microbial activity during the warmer months in Bourbonnais. Mold removal connects with underlying circumstances more common during the summer to give some support to this supposition. Rather than focusing on the time of the year, it is more useful to concentrate on developing good habits that reduce the chances of mold growth.

We stress to customers that we cannot promise to eliminate all the mold spores in your home, but we can manage and rid your house of active mold infestations and educate you and your family on ways to limit recurrence through a remediation plan. Mold spores coexist with humans 24/7, causing few if any issues until a source of water is nearby. Little plumbing leaks and humidity over 60 percent are common mold accelerators.

Once a spore absorbs water, a growth cycle begins that generates many more spores and has the potential to damage organic building materials significantly. Summertime features dripping AC units, piles of wet beach towels, blown in rain, and multiple trips to the refrigerator for drinks among other ways excess water can pool up for mold spores to feast.

When we respond to your mold concerns, expect us to follow the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) protocol of containing first, removing second, and practicing prevention third. After the mold colonies are removed and bagged for disposal, we treat affected areas with an EPA-registered disinfectant and work with you to eliminate sources of moisture. Our proactive approach is why SERVPRO is a reliable partner for mold remediation.

Storm Damage
The midwest endures four seasons of potentially severe weather, with storm damage concerns for Bourbonnais residents a constant worry. Spring, Summer, and Fall are times of torrential rain and high winds that sometimes rotate into tornadic activity. Your home can suffer exterior damage if roof shingles detach, siding peels away, or windows break from flying debris. Quantities of water can then intrude, from rain or flooding, damaging structural components, and contents. Thunderstorms with lightning can set homes on fire.

Similar outcomes occur when heavy snow and sleet storms damage your home during the winter, tree limbs breaking from the weight of frozen precipitation and crashing into your home’s exterior. You need a restoration company that can respond to a broad range of disasters rolled into one meteorological event, which is why SERVPRO’s team of technicians holding multiple IICRC certifications meets the mark.  

We secure your home with boards and tarp before assessing the damage and developing a project plan. Water removal is usually the first step for safety reasons, and because it is exceedingly damaging to most construction materials. Contamination from overland flooding or overwhelmed sewer systems can make containment and proper disposal necessary. Soiled surfaces need cleaning and disinfection with EPA-registered antimicrobials. Structural drying must complete to avoid persistent breakdown of structural components and mold growth. Deodorization using state-of-the-art equipment is the final step towards returning your home to preloss condition.

Count on SERVPRO of Kankakee County for all of your disaster mitigation and remediation needs. We answer calls to (815) 935-0077 round the clock every day of the year.

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