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12/21/2016 (Permalink)

Be Safe and Warm in Kankakee County with a Well Maintained Furnace

SERVPRO Tips for a Warm Winter

As everyone knows by know, we're looking at another polar vortex event this winter. Temperatures have already dropped to near record levels and are expected to go even lower in 2017. This is not the time to have your furnace decide to take a vacation.

After decades in the cleanup and restoration business, SERVPRO has developed checklists for homeowners and renters to use when inspecting their furnaces and HVACs (hopefully preventing malfunctions and other problems) when the weather turns a bit more extreme than usual, even for Illinois. Taking care of these items should keep you warm over the holidays and through the rest of winter.
Outdoor HVAC Inspections
• Clear all dirt, leaves, and other debris from the inside of the cabinet.
• Examine the drain pan to make sure it's clear. Remove any obstructions and debris.
• Check the evaporator coil and cabinet itself. Scrub them thoroughly.
• Inspect the exhaust blades and the fan motor for damage. If you have an older unit, it may require lubrication.
• Check the control box, all wiring and connections.
• Examine the compressor and linked tubing for damage.
Indoor Furnace/HVAC Inspections
• Examine and clean the blower assembly. This includes the motor, wheel, and housing.
• Inspect the blower housing for debris and clean.
• Check the condensate lines and pan; thoroughly clean.
• Wipe down and examine the burner assembly.
• Test the igniter controls.
• Check the air exchanger.
• Examine the outflow pipe; make sure it is properly attached to the furnace. Sections that show corrosion should be replaced.
• Check the control box, all wiring and connections.
• Replace the air filter.
• Examine the ductwork in the attic if you can. You can find leaks simply by feeling for airflow; there shouldn't be any.
The outflow pipe or flue is of particular importance when it comes to furnaces. If it is not securely connected to the furnace, there is always the chance of 'Blow Back.' SERVPRO strongly recommends to deal with this possible problem. When this happens, soot from the outflow pipe will blow into the house. The resulting contamination will need a visit from one of our response and restoration teams to clean the affected area just like after a fire. With proper maintenance, this 'Blow Back' is a needless expense and inconvenience.

With snow expected this weekend, now is the time to look over your furnace or HVAC before you find yourself with a flashlight and a garden trowel trying to remove ice or other debris from your outside unit. If you are a renter or just willing to admit you don't know anything about your furnace, make sure you call a professional furnace and HVAC maintenance company.
Remember to ask for their business license to operate in Illinois and photo ID before you let anyone in your home. For other storm damage that you may have to deal with this winter, call us at (815) 935-0077. SERVPRO of Kankakee County is here to help.

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